Lego Challenge: Build A Tall Tale

Build a tall tale out of Legos of any kind this week at home and send it to us to post on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Real, mythical and imaginary animals are welcome!

Send your creations and set up a Virtual Visit between 12-3 pm on
Friday, June 19th and 26th and
Saturday, June 20th and 27th 
to tell your story by emailing

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Virtual Dungeons and Dragons

Join us on Zoom for Dungeons and Dragons!
DM Josh will lead us in a campaign in BX edition

Ages 16 and up
RSVP by emailing

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Virtual Children’s Halloween Costume Concert

Friday, October 30th from 9:30 – 10:15 am

Start off the Halloween weekend with a costume concert with Fellowship of the Books and Danny Tieger!

Dress up for the festivities and put on your dancing shoes.  

Danny will croon creepy/funny Halloween-y songs for kids 0-8.

Wear your costumes and show yourself off. 

Link will be shared on our website and in the newsletter the week of the event.

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Medicare 101

Are you currently enrolled in Medicare? Will you be turning 65 over the next year or two? Learn about eligibility, how and when to enroll, when you can make changes, and the insurance options available to you. Review and compare what services are covered/not covered under Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. Detail the costs associated with medical and drug insurance. Explore and evaluate Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. This program will simplify the choices you need to make, help you make more well-informed decisions and explain what Medicare means for you! This is an educational event. Click through to RSVP.

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Saturday STEM With KIWI CO Boxes

This workshop is for children ages 11-14, grades 6-8.

RSVP required; spaces are VERY limited.

Sign up with the link below:

Join us for hands on STEM projects with Kiwi Co boxes. Each week has a different box and theme.
Each student will be given their own box with all materials necessary and will be guided through the
maker process by a Bard STEM Engagement Fellow over Zoom.

Every Saturday in March from 1-2:30 PM

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Curious STEAM Investigators: Balloon Cars

Ages 7-12

RSVP required by Saturday, June 26th: click here to sign up:

Do you like cars?  Have you ever built one of your own?  At this workshop, we will be building balloon cars that can travel forward in a straight line AND stay together!

Program will be held outdoors on the Library lawn.

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