Susan Roth: a Selection of Paintings

Susan Roth grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She had her first art training at the Carnegie Mellon Museum where a select group of students were chosen to participate in a funded city-wide high school art program. Since moving to New York she has been a student at the Arts Students League. Susan divides her time between a studio in New York City and a studio in the gentle rolling hills of the Hudson Valley which provide diverse physical surroundings to explore her joyful feelings about color and space. In recent years she has devoted myself full time to oil painting.

Susan’s paintings usually originate from a landscape, still life or city scene that she mentally captured. She then tends to push the mental image to an exaggerated composition using strong colors to express her mood about the view. Currently, Susan is attempting to push the image to become more abstract with a positive and happy feelings. Her emphasis is always strong composition and strong colors.

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