Sculptures in Clay

Featuring the work of Karen Culbreth, Joey Jablonski, & Diane Schapira.
On exhibit for the month of December.

Karen Culbreth is a practicing artist living in the town of North East, concentrating on working in clay.
She recently retired from her 30 year career in Art Education at the Pine Plains Central school District.
Many of her ceramic pieces on display at the library reflect her musings on the pandemic, reflections on feelings, etc. Along with ceramic masks, she also has her whimsical ceramic pears and bowls on display.

Joey Sage Jablonski is a ceramic artist in the northwest corner of Connecticut who creates wheel thrown pottery and sculptural clay works incorporating themes from nature. She says, “The actual process of working in clay makes me feel as if I’m touching the ground and touching the sky at the same time.“ Sharing these works celebrating nature, having them become part of a home-someone’s daily life, is her greatest satisfaction. Visit to learn more.

Diane Schapira has been a potter for 50 years. She makes functional pottery, mostly on a potter’s wheel, for use in our homes. It has always been very satisfying to her that the things she makes become part of other people’s households and routines. Diane also makes pottery without a wheel: useful trays, sculptures, reliquaries, and boxes of all sorts, often in the form of houses with removable roofs. She often make these objects with a theme in mind: home, grief, hope.