Imagine Your Story: 2020 Summer Reading Program

Sign up online for our Summer Reading Program on READsquared starting July 1st!

Here is the link to register:

You can also find the Readsquared app in your app store.  The app is free for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

On READsquared, you can keep track your reading and earn points and badges for the books you and your children read, all programs attended, and any game or mission you choose to participate in.

There is a program for Pre-K students, children, teens and adults, so the whole family can participate. Participation in more than one library’s summer reading program is welcome and encouraged!

The top readers and program attendees in each age group will be entered to win prizes at the end of the Summer Reading Program!

For any questions about READsquared, please email Kristin at