Annual Craft Fair

Items are handmade by local crafters, artisans and artists. Find one of a kind items for you and your loved ones. Enter to win gift baskets and certificates. This is a vendor free fair. All items are donated to the Library. Click the image for more information.

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Drop-off for the Election Day Bake Sale

This annual tradition is back! We need you to bake for our annual Election Day Bake Sale on Tuesday, November 8 in the Annex.

Donations can be dropped off Monday November 7 from 5 to 6 pm, or on November 8 until 12 pm.

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Patricia Medvecky: An Exhibit of Watercolors

Patricia Medvecky has always had more than a casual interest in the arts, including great works but as life began to wind down, she decided to try creating some of her own. You will find that most of her paintings are centered around flowers. She chose watercolor as her primary medium because she loves the freshness, spontaneity, and delicate luminous color which is ideal for flower painting. Watercolors allows her to “capture the delicacy, sturdiness, and sheer beauty of one of nature’s most exquisite subjects”.

Patricia Medvecky lives in Salisbury, CT. She has a master’s degree from Hunter College in Education.

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The Great Give Back 2020: Food Drive

Libraries across the state want to give their patrons a chance to give back to the community. This year, we will be collecting donations for the Millerton Presbyterian Church’s food pantry and for the Library’s Little Free Grocery Program.

The actual day of The Great Give Back is October 17th, but we will be collecting donations starting on October 1st and until October 31st.

We are accepting the following items:

Breakfast items: cereal, instant oatmeal, graham crackers, granola bars
Entrees: macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, jelly/jam, canned tuna fish, canned soup/stew
Juice boxes (100% juice)
Canned vegetables
Snack foods: microwaveable popcorn, individual packages of cookies, crackers and puddings.
Pet products (cat and dog food, cat litter)
Hygiene products (shampoo, body wash, soap, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products)
Toilet paper
Please be sure that all food items donated are not expired and that they are sealed. Expired or open containers will not be accepted.

Feel like shopping from home? Our Amazon Shopping List is up and running!

Donations CANNOT be used to pay fees for lost or damaged items or library fines.

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Booby-Trapped: the Bra in America

In a 2014 survey of 3,000 women, 92 percent rated their bra, “An enemy. I wish I had never met her.” Before the bra was invented, corsets lifted breasts to artificial heights—but they pushed from below instead of lifting from above. In 1913, using two pocket handkerchiefs and some pink ribbon, socialite Mary Phelps Jacob created the “backless brassiere,” and became the first patent recipient for the modern bra. From Jacob’s invention, to the bullet bra of the 40s, to modern-day pillow cup push-up plunge bras, our boobs have been cinched, flattened down, and lifted up.

You can discover a lot about women in history by how much cleavage was showing, and the era’s most desirable breast shape. While it can be argued that a bra is a necessity—­­not an accessory—one of the best feelings at the end of the day is to release ourselves. One thing’s for certain: the American Woman is still waiting for her ideal brassiere!

Join Ehris and Velya for an uplifting look at the history of the bra in America!

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Library Trustee Meeting ***NEW DATE****

The NorthEast-Millerton Library Trustee meeting will be held today in the Annex location at 28 Century Blvd. Please wear a mask if you plan on attending.  Please contact the Library for documents.

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Twilight at the Pond with Roger & Lenny

The Music in the Annex is heading to Rudd Pond State Park for the Summer. Roger & Lenny bring a fresh perspective to familiar—and not-so familiar—songs from a golden era of pop music. The duo’s musical strength of tight harmonies and straightforward acoustic arrangements with guitar and harmonica deliver spirited covers of songs made famous by The Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles and others, as well as original tunes. Click through for more information.

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The Great Give Back: Clothing, School Supplies and Book Giveaway

No RSVP is necessary and all items are free.

The Library will be hosting its 3rd Annual Great Give Back Event in partnership with the Webutuck Teachers’ Association and Oblong Books.

Community members are invited to come to the Library between 10 AM – 12 PM to pick up free clothing, toys and household goods, provided by the Webutuck Teachers’ Association.

Free books will also be available, provided by Oblong Books.

A limited number of brand new school supplies and winter gear may be available, courtesy of donations from community members.

Items will be given away in the Library’s back yard. Masks are suggested but not required.

Guidelines for donating and inclement weather

1) We ARE NOT accepting donations of clothing, toys, household goods or books from the public. No exceptions can be made on this.

We ARE accepting new school supplies and winter items: please go to the shopping lists below or call the Library for more information*

School Supplies:

Winter Gear:

2) In the event of inclement weather, the event will be held in the Library Annex, and masks will be required for all children and adults ages 2 and up

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