Memorial Reading Garden

Is there anything lovelier than

spending an afternoon in a garden?

You can help give that warm feeling to the entire community with a donation marked for the creation of the Memorial Reading Garden. The proposed project will turn the front lawn into a multi-season mecca for those who enjoy outside moments in either the sun or the shade. With your help, the Memorial Reading Garden will allow us to expand programming to the front lawn of the Library, while providing quiet pockets of peace in an outdoor setting for all our patrons. In addition to adding to the beauty of our village, it is an economical way to expand our library’s space to accommodate more patrons as they take advantage of everything from print to digital media.

Please consider making a donation to this project that will add such value to our whole community.

***As of December 31, 2017, we can no longer accept names for the Memorial Reading Garden Plaque. Donations can still be made to the Garden and in the name of a person or persons of your choosing, but they will not be include on the plaque.***